CUBE i6 Windows 8.1 Edition


IMP3Net publishes press material from CUBE that includes several photos of the new CUBE i6 with Windows 8.1 [Google Translate].

This was mentioned earlier today in a Weibo from CUBE.

Previously here:

New Reviews For CUBE i6 And T9 4G


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4 responses to “CUBE i6 Windows 8.1 Edition

  1. Robert Jasiek

    Do they compare the screen with the iPad Air or the iPad Air 2? Is the Windows 32b or 64b? The IGZO display demands testing and what is the effect on battery duration in real use?

    • Why didn’t you click to see for yourself?

      • Robert Jasiek

        When I did, I could not derive answers to my questions. The translation speaks of a forth generation iPad and mentions iPad Air, but this cannot be. The iPad is the fifth generation iPad. So at least one of this must be wrong, the generation or the “Air”. At the same time, they mention a 57% improved “energy efficiency”, a value reminding me of the reduced reflection of the Air 2 compared to the Air. Or do they compare only the improvement of the Air to the 4th generation iPad, an immaterial information for the Cube i6? So, given the scope for inaccuracies of automatic translations, the compared iPad could be the 4th generation iPad, the Air or the Air 2. Without being sure which, we cannot be sure about the display properties of the Cube i6.

        The translation mentions the number 64, but does not say “bit”. I cannot decipher the Chinese character next to it. Therefore, I cannot know if the 64 refers to the processor technology or to the Windows bit version. From the translation, I can only make a random guess.

        In the translation, I do not find any conclusive information on the battery duration.

      • It’s a freakin press release from Teclast. You’re not going to find comparative or useful info in it. As for the 64, it always refers to the CPU. There are no China tablet of the ones I mention shipping with 64-bit Windows.

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