MiBook Air? Um…. No.


It’s incredible how many people fell for that troll. No, I’m not the source of it nor do I know who was.

Excluding the Apple fanboiz, anyone who has covered Xiaomi for any length of time should have screamed FAKE! from the start.

Xiaomi is not married to an orange logo. Their phones, tablets, and other products use the stylized “Mi” in appropriate colors.

That alone should have killed the troll.

But no.

People even swallowed the hilarious and outrageous specs at a ridiculous and unrealistic low price!

Here’s one of the co-founders of Xiaomi as well as iLevon to kill it that idiotic troll.





I don’t know what “YY” means — it’s likely Chinese slang for “fake” or “trolling.” Because only that makes sense in the context of both credible sources denying there’s such a thing as that “MiBook Air.”

By the way, iLevon is also denying several photos that claim to be leaked upcoming Xiaomi phones. Nine different ones appeared on Weibo yesterday (you notice I didn’t post about them?), of which only one or two seemed possibilities (and one of them had already been seen here).



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2 responses to “MiBook Air? Um…. No.

  1. I screamed fake when i covered it yesterday.

    If you google Xiaomi laptop you might find a listing on Banggood.com which uses this exact same image (only without the watermarks) as well as the specs mentioned in yesterday’s story. That listing has been up since August, and the retailer has admitted that it’s a placeholder with dummy specs.

    It was that easy to debunk. Basically everyone who reported on this didn’t even bother to take 5 minutes to research the story before publishing it.

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