2014 Review: Blah Blah Blah

According to a year-end report from WordPress, this blog got 1.1 million views in 2014. That’s not impressive. If I was a parasite who ran ads, it wouldn’t pay for cat food unless I could get away with confiscatory rates (which is doubtful).

The most popular post was CUBE Talk9X: The Big Fraud and the most popular post in a single day was Shock! Teclast X98 Air 3G Dual-System Android/Windows 8.1.

Once I stop doing China tablets, the stats will crater except for people who come in for the old tablet posts — either deliberately or in error.



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3 responses to “2014 Review: Blah Blah Blah

  1. David E

    Congratulations on another year of great writing. I’ve enjoyed waking up every morning and reading the dozen or so emails that are waiting for me. I sincerely hope (in the nicest way possible) that you don’t find yourself a life and find better things to write about.

    Those stats mustn’t be accurate. Every China tab website I visit now has links back to the latest and greatest news that someone has read on”Mike’s” page. You are famous all over the world.

    Happy New Year from down under !

    • Except in China. No one in China can access because of The Great Firewall. So none of the companies I mention are even aware.

      • Luke

        Good one Mike. I found your website through our best friend or enemy Google.

        I too have my doubts about some Chinese greatest and best Android tv sticks/boxes. We all know the mk808, and so on, who show fantastic specs and benchmarks but aren’t even able to play a 720p on tv without micro-stutters while my Galaxy s1 with lesser specs plays them perfectly without fiddling.
        Why does the underpowered raspberry pi that cost less does it all with 1 click. Play 1080P was all I wanted.

        Since I was looking into some tablets …. Pipo for being one… who comes up with a name like that…. I discovered your website. Thx for being yourself and showing us the crappy side of them. Artificial scores, crappy wifi, gps and so on, we just want something that works out of the box like it was promised, nothing more nothing less.
        I’ve must have spend a couple hundred of Euro which is now in a drawer taking up space, killed nature a bit more, and took my precious time.

        Please go on in 2015, your writing and time is appreciated by a lot of people. You probably saved people some money, frustration and saved the planet a bit.

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