2014 Review: Deaths Noted

Not everyone who died. Just the ones I did posts about.

Bob Grant, Radio Host, Is Dead
R.I.P. Actress Alexandra Bastedo
R.I.P. Producer Arthur Rankin, Jr.
R.I.P. Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman
R.I.P. Paul Colby, Owner Of The Bitter End
R.I.P. Actor, Writer, and Director Harold Ramis
R.I.P. Writer Bob Thomas
R.I.P. Founder Patrick J. McGovern
R.I.P. Writer Lorenzo Semple, Jr.
R.I.P. Writer Gabriel García Márquez
R.I.P. Actor Bob Hoskins
R.I.P. Actor Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.
R.I.P. Artist H.R. Giger
R.I.P. Writer Maya Angelou
R.I.P. Actress Ann B. Davis
R.I.P. Comedian Rik Mayall
R.I.P. Actor Francis Matthews
R.I.P. D.J. Casey Kasem
R.I.P. Felix Dennis
R.I.P. Actor James Garner
Why I Won’t Recommend A Tablet To Anyone
R.I.P. Actor/Comic Genius Robin Williams
R.I.P. Actress Lauren Bacall
R.I.P. Su Pei, China Computing Pioneer
R.I.P. Computer Pioneer Andrew Kay
R.I.P. Joan Rivers
R.I.P. Puppeteer John Blundall, The Man Who Created Parker
R.I.P. Lynsey de Paul, Singer
R.I.P. Actress Elizabeth Peña
R.I.P. Actor Marcia Strassman
R.I.P. Car Talk Host Tom Magliozzi
R.I.P. TV Producer Glen A. Larson
R.I.P. Director Mike Nichols
R.I.P. Ralph H. Baer, Father Of Video Games
R.I.P. Actor Ken Weatherwax, Pugsley
R.I.P. Nathaniel Branden
R.I.P. Sy Berger
R.I.P. Actress Billie Whitelaw
R.I.P. Singer Joe Cocker
R.I.P. Writer Jeremy Lloyd
R.I.P. Director Joseph Sargent
R.I.P. TV Producer, Writer Roberta Leigh


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