Teclast Teases Core-M Tablet





The tablet makers who made it through the first round of Discount Windows Tablet Survivor will probably all be releasing such tablets. Intel wants to migrate their partners to higher-margin devices.

It’s doubtful any of them will release something with a 4:3 aspect ratio so I have no interest in any of these. If I want a Core-M tablet, I’ll buy one from a global brand name in a local store where I’ll be free of the grief of possible returns due to manufacturing defects.



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10 responses to “Teclast Teases Core-M Tablet

  1. gorka

    Higher margin processors and probably more expensive indeed…how many of current customers of these Intel powered devices will be willing to pay twice as much?

  2. eric prycz

    when they realase with coreM?

  3. giouncino

    it seems exactly the same model as the cube one…

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