Xiaomi New Year


It’s 2015 in China.

Xiaomi is certainly surrounded by lots of gold!



The link actually goes to a page of sales that I won’t include because it’ll be obsolete soon.



As for those rumors of Xiaomi at CES? They’re not listed as an exhibitor at CES, either under Mi or under Xiaomi.



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4 responses to “Xiaomi New Year

  1. Martin

    BTW you are not probably fan of this, but thanks for a fun year..it was great to follow you here this 014. i looking forward in the next one…have a nice one.. And good luck in 2015…

  2. gorka

    Xiaomi is the Next tech bubble.a mere copycat that will fall once it becomes a truly global company and is obliged to do business fairly under the constraints of patents and competition law. Surprisingly the investors are putting tons of gold into the hands of xiaomi sorry I meant MI

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