Long Article Explaining Xiaomi

Anyone who wants a sense of what Xiaomi is about and where it wants to go should read this [Google Translate].

I question how much is true and how much is PR spin. Still, some of the key points:

1) Xiaomi never intended to engage in “hunger marketing.” Shortages were due to factory production.

2) Xiaomi is three things: Phone, router, and TV. Any other hardware Xiaomi sells is the result of partnerships forged by Lei Jun/Xiaomi investments and those products are the result of separate companies. (That’s a nice way of saying it wasn’t Xiaomi who stole the Balmuda design.)

3) Such Lei Jun/Xiaomi investments are to create a far-reaching software/hardware “ecology” for Xiaomi devices. The Smart Home is a particular focus with the Xiaomi router at its center.

4) Xiaomi does indeed have a license to become an MVNO in China. That would be a very interesting move.

5) Lei Jun doesn’t intend to create a “closed ecosystem.” It remains to be seen how long that remains true (I still expect a MiOS in the future) but it should be noted the MiBand has an app for iOS.

6) Xiaomi’s international expansion is restrained due to possible patent litigation and licensing fees. These can be mitigated only when Xiaomi has enough patents of its own as a war chest.

7) Lei Jun believes that any hardware that doesn’t have a software ecosystem is doomed to failure. Well, this seems to be true with Windows RT — but Jolla hasn’t given up yet.

There’s more to be had, but these the clearest ones extracted from the maddening machine translation.

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One response to “Long Article Explaining Xiaomi

  1. E.T.

    Nice find. Much more interesting and informative than most of the recent lightweight overviews of Xiaomi.

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