iambillbil Reviews 2014 CPUs


Everybody’s favorite tablet wonk, iambillbil, has done a lengthy and detailed post dissecting the strength and weaknesses of the CPUs he’s tested during 2014 [Google Translate].

There are some surprises there based on specific uses, but what’s really shocking is his forecast for 2015.

I quote:

Looking ahead to 2015, whether mobile or tablet, are again on the palm-sized screen resolution above 4096 but 2048,2560 even farther extremes. Chip requirements are more brutal. Resolution to the next level will lead to demand for memory bandwidth 4 times or 8 times the computing power will also appear on the gpu 8 times or 16 times the increment.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Given thermal limitations and battery technology constraints, it seems to me we’re going to hit a wall with tablets within a year or two unless some magic is somehow created.

Also, Android doesn’t offer everything iOS does. So this could be where iOS leaves Android even further behind. There’s only so much Matias Duarte can do tarting up Android when the fundamental problem is the guts of it.

In the meantime, Commenters have informed me that the Intel Z3580 the Nokia N1 will use is already in other tablets. The one that interests me is the delayed Dell Venue 8 7000, which zoomed compared to the Nexus 9:

Despite its lack of microSD card slot and HDMI-out, the Nokia N1 might be worthy of attention after all.



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14 responses to “iambillbil Reviews 2014 CPUs

  1. highwind

    “So this could be where iOS leaves Android even further behind.”

    that statement really made my day :-D


    • I wasn’t speaking market share, I meant capability as should have been clear from my Duarte sentence. Android doesn’t match iOS for PDF handling although it’s finally becoming competitive to my satisfaction. And market share means nothing when two million pieces of shit RCA tablets are part of that.

      • yeahman45

        Are you saying android lacks behind ios based only on its pdf handling capability? Because android has surpassed ios in almost everything recently. It is now IOS trying to catch up with android with the latter innovating a lot now; it was the inverse a few years back…

      • You are being misled by the externals and not by the core of the respective OSes. iOS is based on OS X, a desktop OS. Android is a mobile OS originally designed for phones with buttons and has been playing catch-up ever since.

  2. shadowcek

    I have to disagree with you on this one. iOS is based on Darwin the same way Android is based on Linux kernel. Android probably diverts slightly more from the core, but its questionable whether its an advantage or a drawback. Also the catch-up statement is more of a personal preference as there is no difference in performance overall between these OSes and everything comes to the layer above OS (application performance) and below OS (hardware and drivers efficiency)

    • There are many APIs that iOS has that Android just lacks. This isn’t me talking. This is me repeating things many iOS devs have said for the reason why they can’t — not won’t, but *can’t* — produce Android versions of their iOS apps. Experience-wise, they are getting very close. But below that level, where devs get involved to produce the apps, it’s a different story.

      • yeahman45

        I am not talking about externals and high specs but the OS itself. What API are you talking about? There are also a lot of stuff available on android and not on IOS. Most dev don’t want to port not because they lack API calls (there are always workarounds..always.. i am a programmer) but because they lack time and money to re develop for another OS

      • I can’t provide details because I’m not a dev. I can only say what I’ve been told.

      • yeahman45

        All major apps have an android equivalent…so saying they cant port is a joke. The smaller devs just dont have enough time or money. That is the reason. Back when there was android 2.3, IOS was better for sure but now things have changed it is the other way around. I am not saying IOS is shit. I am not a fanboy or whatever.

  3. E.T.

    Dell’s 8.4″ Venue 8 7840 which uses the Atom Z3580 is supposed to be available now at Best Buy for $400 (http://www.androidpolice.com/2015/01/05/dells-mega-thin-venue-8-tablet-now-available-399-best-buy)

  4. Here is the future and android isn’t it!

    I need 1 compute/network core aka cellphone. (phablet sized)
    I need 1 or possibly 2 other large screens – laptop sized that I can “cast to”.
    And I need 2 wireless input devices for those screens, 1 keyboard, 1 mouse.
    I want all the “heavy lifting” compute power in the cloud “think xbox 1”. I want to be able to buy it as a service. I want all my apps in the cloud and my storage local and in the cloud.

  5. I hear you, you are preaching to the converted, but…

    The tide is against us.
    Googs just going to keep pushing us to cloud.
    How are you going to avoid cloud when all currency goes digital?
    Its coming, and when all your payments are going to be online, your life will be online too.

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