Never Buy First



That’s what I say here constantly. Now there’s PadNews saying it too!

You’re in for nothing but grief if you buy the first production run of a product — especially one from a China brand. Always wait at least a month.


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5 responses to “Never Buy First

  1. I’m 100% agree with that , it’s the same for the cars …wait before buying a new model

  2. the same for me
    ordered one of the first revisions of Onda v975m – as a result, the tablet is a crap while newer revisions are ok

  3. jfmenard

    Had the same problem with my Onda V989, ordered the first day. Got the V1, a couple of weeks later they were at V4. My V1 has problem charging now.

    I want to buy the new Teclast X10HD, but have to convince myself to wait… Question is: when do you know a new batch is out? For the V989 it was pretty obvious, my guess is that it’s not always he case…

    • You can check the Teclast forum to see what people say. Companies tend not to announce hardware revisions unless they’re backed into a corner when sending out an OS update.

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