Nokia N1: 1,599 Yuan (US$257)

Same-day update after the break

The specs were never a surprise. The introduction was all about the price.


There were reports people cheered the price. Were they drugged? That’s 1,000 yuan more than the original price of the Xiaomi MiPad, which was severely criticized for not having a price everyone expected and for having a price way out of line with the overall iPad Mini clone market.

In a huge failure of using Weibo properly, only ten Weibos were sent out during the live event and none of them were at all informative about the tablet itself.

If this had been a Xiaomi event, there would have been sample camera photos, AnTuTu and other benchmark scores, pimpery about the camera and Intel CPU. There was none of that. This was amateur night.

Even most of the Weibo photos, some of which are below, were small:











That last one is a rare shot of the Apple-like Space Gray version.

Due to the incompetence of Foxconn/Nokia, we really know nothing more about this tablet than we did before this coming-out party. What a waste of buildup!

Links to additional pimpery at China tech sites, some of which have better photos than were sent out via the official Weibo channel (all are Google Translate):

ZOL: One, two, three, four

1Pad: One

IMP3Net: One, two

Until owners post benchmarks and photo samples, this tablet remains mostly a functional mystery.

Same-day update:


Sina Tech has a brief hands-on with many photos [Google Translate]. To see the photos, use this direct link.

I’m not sure what he’s saying here:

Now many manufacturers are beginning to launch a tablet with Intel processor, Nokia N1 uses Intel 2.3GHz Intel Atom Z3580 64-bit processors. The 533 MHz PowerVR G6430 GPU. The series processor improves GPU performance, supporting the Android operating system, but due to the processor itself but because of the processor itself limit restrictions so can not install Windows operating system. In addition, Nokia N1 Built 2GB RAM + 32GB ROM.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

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3 responses to “Nokia N1: 1,599 Yuan (US$257)

  1. Robert Jasiek

    At least, from the photo showing the display mirroring the ceiling, now we know for sure that the tablet is a perfect mirror and therefore too expensive by the factor 257. Too bad.

  2. Miguel

    I agree… you can judge before we get a proper review of the final product and software.
    by the way… those legs… omg!

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