Rockchip Goes Octa-Core: RK3368


In one swoop, Rockchip has basically killed all existing Rockchip 3288-based tablets from Five Technology and Pipo.


PadNews is the only one that’s covered this [Google Translate; note at post time Google Translate wasn’t working on that page, so use Chrome].

No release date mentioned. And what’s missing? Any mention of tying into 4G. That makes this CPU a very hard sell against ones that include 4G, such as those from MediaTek. Could this be a fatal mistake by Rockchip or are they counting on their partnership with Intel for SoFIA?

Same-day update: IMP3Net has press material from Rockchip that also lists other new items, none of which seem particularly exciting [Google Translate]. And still no mention of the RK3368 release window.



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9 responses to “Rockchip Goes Octa-Core: RK3368

  1. Klaus

    With all the hard work from OMA I still consider the RK based Tabs to be the best value for money. But whats the point in having 8 A53 Cores? Is there any Android-Software running on more than 2 cores? 4 would have been more than enough, when they’re not going for big.little architecture. Using Armv8 Cores will still give an significant boost I guess. On the other hand LPDDR2 is so 2012 c’mon guys… the RK3288 was also 28nm HKMG? Can’t remember…

  2. shit, 28nm will be too hot
    waiting for more cheap tablet 20nm CPU with A57 cores

  3. Jon

    I have to assume this is the “Maybach” chip. RK3288 was at 28nm as well. And this won’t really kill RK3288 for awhile. They announced the RK3288 at CES 2014, and it wasn’t until late July or later that the first devices showed up according to the forums. I’d have to assume it will be the same time frame for the RK3368.

    I’m actually more surprised by the name for the chip. RK3088 …RK3188…RK3288…RK3368?

  4. giouncino

    MT8752 seems better:
    4G support and Mali T760 GPU: really fast and low power consumption!

    There is no indication about the GPU integrated on this 3368, strange that this is not built on 20nm too…
    Rockchip is quite disappointing now.

    • Jon

      RK3288 already has T760MP4, so it should still do better than the MTK’s T760MP2.

      Why isn’t anyone rocking out a T760MP16?

      • giouncino

        I know that, but RK3288 is ONLY a Cortex A12 (not A17 as they stated…).
        This RK3368 come too late.

  5. Eric

    Where are the RK3368 tablets!! LOL

    I’ve been waiting for a RK3288 tablet with good aftermarket Android support, but here I am still waiting. Rockchip needs to pay some developers to get CM12.1 on their tablets (unofficially).

    I’m glad to see some RK3368 TV boxes support KODI, we need more of them!

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