Terrorist Attack At Charlie Hebdo In Paris

God damn them.

First Australia, now Paris.

Same-day updates after the break




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9 responses to “Terrorist Attack At Charlie Hebdo In Paris

  1. Ken Sears

    The way the queen, I think it was, of Netherlands emerged from her palace wearing the yellow star in identification with the Jews under Nazi occupation, it would be very fitting for the French president, and as many other public officials and private citizens of France as possible, to wear a photo of the murdered cartoonist on their sleeves or lapels, in a statement of solidarity against the Islamicist spawn of Satan that murdered those people at the magazine office.

  2. Martin

    Can’t believe this animals still on the lose.

  3. Luke

    Well Mike, mine was the politically correct answer but in this case it may be the best thing, although prison will cost ‘the people’ money.
    On the other hand if they are dead a certain group will have an excuse again to start doing more bad things in the name of revenge and more innocent people will get hurt or killed.
    We. the people, can only raise our voice and opinion to stop this madness.
    The problem with our democratic system is that we need to give respect to the ones who don’t respect us. This seriously has to end.
    Maybe change your top photo to the text ‘Je suis Charlie’ as it now is a sign of free speech. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/je-suis-charlie-trends-people-4935086

  4. Ian

    @Ken Sears: That’s a myth, no one from the royals was wearing the yellow star, the queen escaped to England. The political elite safeguarded themselves, as they always do.

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