Hisense Vidaa Pad Renamed To Sero 8 Pro

Hands-on: Hisense Sero 8 Pro Android tablet


I’m not sure Brad realized he had his mitts on the only Rockchip 3288-based tablet to be sold in actual stores in America. He did a rather cursory pawing of it.

I also noted that Hisense isn’t touting it as the world’s thinnest tablet as they have in China.

To appear at Walmart? That’s not convenient to me at all.

As for that customized UI, I wonder if OMA’s ROM could replace it with MultiWindow Android 2.0?

At CES, Hisense has been concentrating on TVs. I haven’t seen any other mentions of this tablet and Brad, so far, has the only video. All of the company’s enthusiasm in China isn’t being carried over to here.

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3 responses to “Hisense Vidaa Pad Renamed To Sero 8 Pro

  1. Lane

    Looks choppy as fuck. If oma doesn’t make a rom, I bet Randy Riley at freaktab will if you ask him nicely. His specialty is rockchip roms and he made a great one for the teclast p90hd when I asked him! Really cool guy and his roms are great.

  2. jimberkas

    I was rather excited about this tablet, as I love my Sero 7 Pro. but the lack of volume buttons has turned me off. nitpicky, perhaps, but I hate the overcrowded menu screen.

  3. Oma has made a ROM for my Vidaa 8 tablet, and it runs exceptionally well. He also has made a TWRP recovery.

    I would like to point out the European Version of the Vidaa is not exactly the same as the Vidaa. The euro version has a 5 / 2 mp cameras, and a 4500 mAh batterh. The Vidaa has the 8 / 5 mp cameras and a 4400 mAh. It appears South Africa got the rebranded Version of the Vidaa with the same camera specs and the European market got the 5 / 2 cameras and as stated above, different battery.

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