Teclast X10HD 3G Gets First Review


This highly-anticipated tablet — it’s dual-boot Android/Windows 8.1 using an Intel Z3736F CPU with a peak frequency of 2.16GHz, 10.1-inch screen at 2560 x 1600 combined with 2GBs of RAM, 64GBs of internal storage, and (China-compatible) 3G — gets reviewed at IMP3Net by the pseudonymous bugsbunny, who has also done other tablet reviews [Google Translate].

And how’s this for a kick in the head? The review reminded me that its pre-sale price was 1,599 yuan — the same as the Nokia N1! Its regular price is 1,999 yuan.

The bad news up front: The USB port is also used for charging via AC. That makes it difficult to use as a desktop replacement due to battery-life concerns.

The second bad news up front: The battery meter isn’t calibrated properly! Doh!


And here’s the part that people with dual-boot machines have wondered about. How do you get to the dual-boot menu? I thought it appeared during any reboot. No. As Commenters have pointed out, a button combination is required:

After Taipower X10HD 3G Android 4.4.4 preinstalled with Windows 8.1 and the dual system in the boot while holding down the power and volume + key will enter the system selection interface, you can check the default every time you enter the system in the upper left corner, or you can set up before entering into every selection interface.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

It should be noted that on the Android side, it’s still tUI, not the new tOS. But it does have the Teclast Elf voice control (it’s still unknown if it understands English).

AnTuTu 5.5 spec screens (click for full size):


As for Android-side storage:

You can see from the storage capacity, 64GB native capacity allocated to the Andrews have 13.66GB, excluding the system should be divided occupy 16GB, the remaining part is hidden invisible, is assigned to the Win8 system disks, not both direct visits.

So there’s just 16GBs, of which nearly just 14GBs are free.

AnTuTu 5.5 score (click for full size):


In combination with the China-compatible 3G, GPS is reported to work well.

Under Windows, the Desktop UI is very small and best used with a mouse(!).

Click for full size:



2GB of RAM under very abundant in the Android environment, lower back Win8 system becomes not so much, do not open a new program, the remaining available after boot in 1GB memory basically following, to run some large applications, the memory still share will rapidly increase.

Obviously, 2GB memory for Win8 it is just starting configuration, but also the vast majority of Bay Trail-T platform processor defined dead, no way to upgrade.


Can be seen in Disk Management, C disk capacity under Win8 system than 30GB.

Native 64GB relatively still relatively ample capacity under the two systems are not small, installed some commonly used software like games and basic can put it down.

Here’s the only sample photo (click for full-size):


It’s not very impressive but not as bad as some others. I would have liked at least one outside shot as they usually publish to see if the greens turn to mud.

And here’s where it gets bad. Battery life for both sides — Android and Windows 8.1 — is just “4 hours 30 minutes or so.” The battery is 8,000mAh, which seems a bit small given the screen resolution and CPU. It doesn’t help matters that the battery meter is all screwed-up!

His overall conclusion:

From the test run, Taipower X10HD 3G dual system performance is relatively stable, the performance is basically expected.

Through dual system of the match, you can realize the benefits of complementary functions, give full play to the strengths of both.

64GB high capacity disk provides better protection for the dual system, but can be achieved if the thermal switch with a dual system would be more convenient.

In addition, the machine power display, backlight adjustment and other details can also do some upgrading, but in general, this product has a rich configuration generally satisfactory performance.

If you are looking for a dual system of flat, but do not want to wait for Intel’s next-generation platform models, then, X10HD 3G will be an option to consider to do.

How many people are still interested? I wonder if Teclast will release a version of the 9.7-inch X89 with 64GBs of internal storage and tOS?

Also: While there’s a magnetic connector on the bottom for a keyboard-cover, I haven’t yet seen any word of its availability. As for a stylus, no word at all.

Click through to the full review. I’ve quoted only some of it.

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11 responses to “Teclast X10HD 3G Gets First Review

  1. Mario

    Here is a nice physical comparison between Teclast X10HD and X98 and hands-on of Windows and Android: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrI6_31b1OHRE62BHTMYN0Q

  2. Hi Mike, I have my hands on this unit and yes it’s over priced a little. It should be around $250-$240 mark I feel. Oh and Play Store is broken yet again! Of course the review doesn’t mention this due to the lack of Play in China. But Teclast should have know about this as the x98 air 3g had the same issue. My battery meter was screwed up big time, only reporting one battery cell. But a full discharge and recharge overnight fixed this. I can’t comment on battery life yet as i need to use it some more. I’ll get some camera samples up for you if you want.

  3. apteryx

    Hello Mike ! I am looking to buy the next tecladt tablet I hope a 2k screen with a better CPU and more ram… Have you found anything in teclast’s next tablet ?

  4. Lorenzo

    So, I can’t understand why they are not using 4gb ram.
    Can anyone answer me?

  5. psytoy

    You’re correct there Mike – The 3736 Atoms used in the tablet only supports a max of 2GB RAM.

    P.S – you can configure the appearance of the boot menu from the UEFI Settings. You can choose whether to display it with PWR+Vol Up or always show on boot. Same as the x98 tablets.

  6. Paul

    My X10HD only lasts 3 hours on a full charge and the GPS won’t pick up a signal when sat next to a Samung 12.2 Note pro that has no trouble.

    Works OK in Android but because windows programs tend to use menu’s a the tope and the task bar at the bottom i have trouble using it because the touch screen is not very good near the sides of the screen.

    I tied to email Teclast about this and did not even get a reply so if you want to buy one then see me first because i am selling mine as fast as i can.

  7. John

    My Teclast X10HD updated Windows 10 (Home edition) recently, Because of disc space, it wanted me to plug in USB for updating. Finally it failed due to insufficient battery power. When it was fully charged, re-boot, it shows recovering previous version (with USB plugged) and restarted, re-booted, showing recovering previous version……. It did loops and was never successful!!  Although I used keyboard to enter BIOS it still can not fix it.

    It’s greatly appreciated if anyone tell me how to fix it.

    I contacted TECLAST customer centre for help over 10 times (waited for over 6 months) but they never replied. Pretty pretty bad technical service.

    Don’t buy any product from a company that provides nothing after sale service. 


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