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Twitter Is Intent On Destroying Itself

Twitter’s Video Plans Include Autoplay Ad Previews

Twitter is mulling the possibility of making promoted videos automatically play 6-second previews when they pop up in people’s feeds, according to people briefed on the company’s plans. If the autoplay previews were to catch someone’s eye, that person could click to watch the full video.

I won’t put up with scrolling through my timeline only to have it fucking pause to load a video and then break my concentration with some goddammed ad pitch preview I can’t prevent.

I’ll be out of there when this happens.



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Charlie Hebdo Website Right Now


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Eight Years Ago Today …

… the iPhone was announced.

And I never get tired of this

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Game Of Phones

Ah geez next week …

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AnTuTu 5.6 Released



Direct download link for APK

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Intel Core M And Thermal Issues

Intel Core M Performance: Latitude 13 7000 gets deep-dive review.

Core M, at best, when the gods of heat and cooling are on your side, performs as well as a Haswell-generation (2014) Core i5 but there’s a huge range of throttling that can kick-in when things warm up. A theoretical maximum clockrate of 2.0Ghz is impressive but the base clock is just 800Mhz.

Steve “Chippy” Paine has some thoughts about Core M that anyone considering that CPU must read.

What he wrote really makes me wonder about the Core M tablets that are emerging from China. The level of engineering precision might be beyond the capabilities of the “cottage” companies and the hype for the China-brand Core M tablets might not match the reality of performance. Anyone thinking of buying one better do a lot of research. These are not tablets I will be posting about.

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Nokia N1: First Owner AnTuTu Scores

It looks like the 45,000-range AnTuTu score promoted earlier is true.

At the ZOL forum, one of the people lucky enough to get a free N1 has posted a few photos and the AnTuTu 5.5 score is actually from two people [Google Translate]:

Click = big

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