Intel Core M And Thermal Issues

Intel Core M Performance: Latitude 13 7000 gets deep-dive review.

Core M, at best, when the gods of heat and cooling are on your side, performs as well as a Haswell-generation (2014) Core i5 but there’s a huge range of throttling that can kick-in when things warm up. A theoretical maximum clockrate of 2.0Ghz is impressive but the base clock is just 800Mhz.

Steve “Chippy” Paine has some thoughts about Core M that anyone considering that CPU must read.

What he wrote really makes me wonder about the Core M tablets that are emerging from China. The level of engineering precision might be beyond the capabilities of the “cottage” companies and the hype for the China-brand Core M tablets might not match the reality of performance. Anyone thinking of buying one better do a lot of research. These are not tablets I will be posting about.

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  1. It’s possible that Intel are sending out reference designs just as they did with baytrail tablets and Chromebooks. However, I tend to agree with you on the quality worries.

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