Nokia N1: First Owner AnTuTu Scores

It looks like the 45,000-range AnTuTu score promoted earlier is true.

At the ZOL forum, one of the people lucky enough to get a free N1 has posted a few photos and the AnTuTu 5.5 score is actually from two people [Google Translate]:

Click = big

It’s using the same Intel Z3580 CPU with a peak frequency of 2.3GHz that the Dell Venue 8 7000/7840 uses. The Dell scored this in AnTuTu 5.5:


So, yeah, the N1 score is now believable.

Here’s a photo of the inside of the N1 box:


It looks like both the Nokia and Dell offer a level of performance beyond that of current-gen China tablets, excepting the Xiaomi MiPad. They shouldn’t have that edge for long. Will Teclast and Onda jump on the Intel Z3580 too — or, as someone in Comments asserted, skip to the next-gen of Intel CPU, Cherry Trail?

At any rate, Intel is certainly giving Rockchip, Allwinner, and MediaTek real competition. Which is good for us potential tablet buyers.

ZOL has also run a bunch of beauty shots of the N1 [Google Translate]. As someone whose back — and soul! — can no longer tolerate print books, this is my favorite photo of the bunch:


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2 responses to “Nokia N1: First Owner AnTuTu Scores

  1. jun

    any information on how long the battery lasts??

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