Twitter Is Intent On Destroying Itself

Twitter’s Video Plans Include Autoplay Ad Previews

Twitter is mulling the possibility of making promoted videos automatically play 6-second previews when they pop up in people’s feeds, according to people briefed on the company’s plans. If the autoplay previews were to catch someone’s eye, that person could click to watch the full video.

I won’t put up with scrolling through my timeline only to have it fucking pause to load a video and then break my concentration with some goddammed ad pitch preview I can’t prevent.

I’ll be out of there when this happens.


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4 responses to “Twitter Is Intent On Destroying Itself

  1. Rage! If this happens my unbridled hostility will boil forth and I will surely once and for all toss my wooden laptop into the Hudson!!

  2. I’m with you. What are they thinking?

    When I was working at webdoc we had some heated debates about autoplay videos in the stream–for content, mind you, not ads. I was adamant that it wasn’t a good idea. When we launched it anyway, it didn’t last for long. Everyone who had pushed for it suddenly realized it was in fact a terrible feature. It was immediately dropped in the next sprint.

    By the way, what’s up with that AdAge post? I tried to click through but got a message that I had read all my free articles this month, but I haven’t read any AdAge articles on my phone this month. What a scam!

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