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R.I.P. TV Producer, Creator, Writer Brian Clemens

This tweet knocked all of the air out of me:

Television was something that was just there. As a kid, we were never told it was something made by people. It was like magic.

I devoured thousands and thousands of hours of it. And this was when there were only three broadcast networks (NYC also had three independent and one educational station).

To stand out in those countless hours of programs, you really had to do something extra-extra-extra special to make a kid curious enough to learn someone’s name in the credits.

The first name associated with TV I ever learned was that of Gerry Anderson.

The second was Brian Clemens.

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An Article About Xiaomi

Xiaomi’s Ambition

Wrong things:

1) Xiaomi does have retail stores. [I’ve been corrected in Comments. These are Service Centers and showrooms, not retail stores selling Xiaomi goods.]

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Onda V989: Latest Sketchy AnTuTu Score


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R.I.P. Actress Anita Ekberg

Anita Ekberg, ’50s Screen Star And Sex Symbol, Dies At 83

She’s one of those names you think you’ve seen everywhere. Oddly, looking at her filmography at IMDB, there’s only two movies I saw her in: Way, Way Out and If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium.


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Xiaomi Promo Overload, Part Two

Here’s how to watch Xiaomi 15th January launch live with English translation

Xiaomi Opera? Xiaomi will launch a new, lighter, bigger flagship, with HIFI audio

Exclusive: Xiaomi to launch Redmi Note 2 flagship on Jan 15, not Xiaomi Mi5! Specs, design & price revealed

First look at Xiaomi Redmi Note 2’s curved glass back design

It’s more than just a phone. None of them have read Weibo. The Mi Router and hints of new apps have been mentioned.

Oh what the hell. Here’s one of several photos of Lei Jun during the rehearsal for January 15.

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Lousy Video Of The Nokia N1

Because it’s the only one available and lousy is better than none. At least this shows one of the twenty-four handed out to lucky people at the introduction (this shows number nineteen of twenty-four).

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Xiaomi Promo Overload

Since the announcement of the January 15 flagship phone introduction, Xiaomi Weibo accounts have been busy sending out a whole slew of new banners in the vein of the first one.

I’m not running any of those.

Xiaomi is very, very good at marketing on Weibo. But this is ephemeral material I don’t want to include. It’d just clog up this blog.

It’s becoming clear, though, that the January 15 announcement will be more than just a phone. For those who will normally be awake during China time, it might be worth watching the live video even if you don’t understand Chinese at all.

Previously here:

Xiaomi: January 15
Xiaomi Live Youku Video On January 15


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Xiaomi Router Antenna Shitstorm

A Weibo user who seems to offer an app for testing WiFi — and might also be a hardware competitor in the router market — claims to have disassembled a Mi Router and discovered something shocking.

The antenna is made of iron, not copper!



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