Xiaomi Router Antenna Shitstorm

A Weibo user who seems to offer an app for testing WiFi — and might also be a hardware competitor in the router market — claims to have disassembled a Mi Router and discovered something shocking.

The antenna is made of iron, not copper!






As can be expected, Xiaomi has hit the roof over this claim they assert is false and even threaten legal action over it.




So what’s going on here?

I don’t know.

It just makes no sense to insert an iron antenna to save a few cents over a copper one. And I remain unconvinced because only one Mi Router was disassembled. A true investigation would have done several, each purchased at a different time to get something resembling a scientific sample.

In addition, a true test would have been to buy some used ones too.

If, as claimed, the signal is inferior to the competition, there would be many people looking to dump their Mi Router due to such problems.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi haters — who seem to be as ferocious as Apple haters — are dancing with glee on Weibo and in a forum.

I post this as an example of the way, from time to time, things erupt in China on Weibo.

If there are further developments about this, however, I’ll do another post. Especially if it’s firmly established the antenna is iron and not copper.

It’s interesting, though, that Xiaomi itself admits it’s not copper, but a zinc alloy. Why not copper?



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2 responses to “Xiaomi Router Antenna Shitstorm

  1. Luke

    To be honest we are talking RF here and NOT the capacity to conduct electricity. Some, most, commercial radio/TV/Cell whatever antenna’s are made of alu, inox … as long as it radiates and is resonant.
    Bad coax or pcb layout can do a lot more bad than using iron as a resonator.

    The funny thing about that small N router is that the max lan port speeds are 100Mbps so no matter if it should be capable of 300 or 450Mbps it is never going faster than that 100Mbps.

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