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Thunderbirds Are Go: Brains, Alan Tracy

Same-day update: Another new image after the break.

It turns out the Thunderbirds Are Go fan Tumblr has had them for an unknown period of time (I can’t find a date). I just haven’t been scrolling down!

I’ve swiped the image, from here:


Now what the hell were they afraid of? Those look pretty neat! I favor that more cartoony style over the realistic style of New Captain Scarlet. Now I don’t dread the series as I have been.

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Charlie Hebdo:”All Is Forgiven”


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Nokia N1 Vs. Xiaomi MiPad

ZOL continues to push the hell out of the Nokia N1, this time with a photo comparison to the Xiaomi MiPad [Google Translate].

This is really the only dimension where there’s a big difference:


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Pixel Qi Gone

Same-day update: According to Charbax in Comments, Pixel Qi was acquired by Google:

Google bought Pixel Qi, hopefully billions of Google dollars are to be used to mass produce it. I expect Google hired other Pixel Qi engineers at Google, not only Mary Lou Jepsen and that part of what they are doing at Google is to prepare Pixel Qi technology for mass production for Android and Chromebook. It’s exactly what Pixel Qi needed to make a difference, Google money.

I think Charbax would know. He’s always been the one to get the best videos with Pixel Qi and Mary Lou Jepsen.

Second same-day update: Google did not buy Pixel Qi. According to Brad Linder in Comments, Tripuso now owns Pixel Qi’s intellectual property — and Pixel Qi itself is dead.

Pixel QI is Officially out of Business

Currently nobody knows the exact status of Pixel QI. The executive team all fled, the main phone number for their headquarters in California is out of service, as is their satellite office in Texas. None of the email address I have gained over the the last five years are working anymore. This includes their entire executive team, IT department and press office. It was a fun ride Pixel QI, you will be missed.

When eBook devices were still the Next Next Thing, Pixel Qi’s solution offered a way to save battery life by letting people have color when they needed it and low-power monochrome when only text was involved. And monochrome mode was very sunlight-friendly (color eventually was too, but not very vibrant).

It simply went nowhere.


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ZOL To Disassemble Nokia N1

Promo partner ZOL will disassemble a Nokia N1 tomorrow, Jan 13 [use Chrome; Google Translate doesn’t work].


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