Nokia N1 Vs. Xiaomi MiPad

ZOL continues to push the hell out of the Nokia N1, this time with a photo comparison to the Xiaomi MiPad [Google Translate].

This is really the only dimension where there’s a big difference:


While we’re on this topic, here are some other differences between the two:

The MiPad’s case is the same slippery plastic as the iPhone 5c; the Nokia N1 is aluminum like the iPad Mini

The MiPad is MIUI over Android 4.x; the Nokia N1 is Z Launcher over Android 5.x

The MiPad uses a 32-bit Nvidia K1 CPU; the Nokia N1 uses a 64-bit Intel Z3580 CPU

The MiPad Geekbench 3 score:


The Nokia N1 Geekbench 3 score:


In everyday use, there might not be a perceptible difference in speed.

The MiPad has a microSD card slot; the Nokia N1 does not

The MiPad has hardware capacitive buttons at the bottom; the Nokia N1 does not

The MiPad has two models: 2GBs RAM + 16GBs storage, 3GBs RAM + 64GBs storage; the Nokia N1 has 2GBs RAM + 32 GBs storage

The MiPad 16GB model is 1,299 yuan, the 64GB model is 1,699 yuan; the 32GB Nokia N1 is 1,599 yuan

The MiPad has 5MP front and 8MP back cameras; the Nokia N1 also has 5MP front and 8MP back cameras*
(*this doesn’t mean they have the same camera sensors or picture quality)

The MiPad and the Nokia N1 both lack HDMI-out ports

The MiPad has a microUSB 2.x port; the Nokia N1 has a USB-C USB 2.x port*
(*it’s unknown if the Nokia N1 USB 2.x is a permanent hardware or temporary firmware limitation)

Both the Xiaomi MiPad and the Nokia N1 are assembled by Foxconn, the same company that assembles products for Apple, such as the iPhone and iPad.

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