Thunderbirds Are Go: Brains, Alan Tracy

Same-day update: Another new image after the break.

It turns out the Thunderbirds Are Go fan Tumblr has had them for an unknown period of time (I can’t find a date). I just haven’t been scrolling down!

I’ve swiped the image, from here:


Now what the hell were they afraid of? Those look pretty neat! I favor that more cartoony style over the realistic style of New Captain Scarlet. Now I don’t dread the series as I have been.

The leaked image of Virgil’s outfit is also revelatory on its own. The CGI modeling has a very different texture than I expected. There’s a real solidity here, not the flatness I had been dreading.

Also according to that Tumblr, the first episode might début on April 15th in England on ITV.

I really wish now they’d give us even the briefest trailer with one of the characters animated and interacting with the model background.

This is beginning to look genuinely interesting!

Same-day update: I found this via Bing image search:


It’s supposed to be from this site but I can’t find it.

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  1. Martin

    Look very nice…

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