CUBE: MediaTek 12-Core Truth Or Dare?



Yesterday, the tech news world was filled with stories of MediaTek planning to develop a 12-core CPU. I thought it was ridiculous and didn’t join in.

Today, PadNews is running this [Bing Translator]:


So, does CUBE know something PadNews doesn’t? Or did they believe the hype and decided to “lead” with an announcement based on no facts?

As was pointed out yesterday, most software still doesn’t properly use quad-core CPUs — never mind octa-core — so the idea of a twelve-core CPU would just be a waste of computing resources.

Android adherents might laugh at the iPad using dual-core CPUs, but I bet those devs are actually using all the cores.

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One response to “CUBE: MediaTek 12-Core Truth Or Dare?

  1. giouncino

    Yes, it’s ridiculous! The only interesting point is the possible 20nm die shrink, this could save power and increase battery life on tablet with a “sane” number of cores

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