Google Books PDF Test: Dell Venue 8 7000/7840


With its 2GBs of RAM and fast Intel Z3580 next-gen CPU, I had high hopes for this tablet.

Well, the videos speak for themselves.

The People of the Abyss:

Surface Japan:

The American Magazine (iOS version):

Very disappointing.

But this is not a final test.

Two things:

1) The Dell had over ten things open. I closed them all. I think I should have done a full reboot.

2) That’s not the latest version of Foxit Mobile PDF. The Dell wasn’t set up with a Google Play Store account. And APK Downloader was having the vapors and wasn’t working. So I had to grab the older version of Foxit Mobile PDF I had socked away at Google Docs for such an emergency.

As a point of comparison, here’s my video of the Nexus 9 with the full version — not iOS abbreviated one, above — of The American Magazine combined with the latest version of Foxit Mobile PDF:

Quite a difference, huh?

I wonder how much of that difference is due to Android 5.0?

A true test of the Dell Venue 8 7000/7840 remains to be done.

And maybe Dell should chop-chop hurry up with that Android 5.0 update too. (But since this is an Intel CPU, that update has to be finished by Intel, not Google.)

Previously here:

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2 responses to “Google Books PDF Test: Dell Venue 8 7000/7840

  1. Vis1-0N

    Slower* than my 2013 Ramos i9 which is running 4.2, Z2580, SmartQ reader albiet pushing half the pixels @2MP ( nexus 9 running 3.1MP to the Dells 4.1MP).

    *Tried Foxit on my i9 just now and it is more than twice as slow as on the Dell. Pity SmartQ Reader has last been updated in April 2013.

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