Memo To Punching Pope Francis

Pope Francis: there are limits to freedom of expression

He gestured to Alberto Gasparri, who organises papal trips and was standing by his side, and added: “If my good friend Dr Gasparri says a curse word against my mother, he can expect a punch. It’s normal. It’s normal. You cannot provoke. You cannot insult the faith of others. You cannot make fun of the faith of others.”

“Normal” is what the fuck we’re supposed to overcome.



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4 responses to “Memo To Punching Pope Francis

  1. gorka

    How nice… he’s not so much different from those extremists

  2. Ian

    The people fought hundreds of years to leave the oppression, misery and backwardness of the rules from the catholic church behind them. Now we have to do the same fight all over again to leave oppression, misery and backwardness of islam behind us?

  3. definitio

    Fighting for progress is all fine, unless you succumb to similar mistakes. Equating Islam (faith) with Political Islam/Islamism (Ideology) and/or Extremist Islam (religious fundamentalism) and even then with terrorist attacks against civilians is just plain wrong. It’s actually culturally racist and it can only produce and promote that which supposedly it is fighting against by marginalizing Muslim communities.

    Also this dreadful attack on satyrical journalism wasn’t triggered within a historical void. By that I mean that it’s not really that which explains the attack, the “insult” towards Mohammed. It was magnified because of current and recent events and those sketches seemed to add insult to injury.

    France has historically been one of the most brutal colonial powers. France, UK and Italy are in fact still meddling heavily in the affairs of their former colonies and have in fact supported and are still supporting some of the worst regimes there; they have provided equipment, training to security services and police of countries that systematically violate human rights and civil rights; and in fact they are providing this “know-how” exactly for those abuses to take place, because if democratic opinion was expressed in government, its policies wouldn’t be aligned with western dictates.

    It’s no wonder the offenders of the assassinations were Algerian, the French have caused huge loss of life to the people of their former colony, up to 1 million lives. And they are still treating countries like that as if they were their own back yard.
    You see before the anticolonial struggle France would try to integrate and justify its occupation by promoting a “cosmopolitan” view of french culture, an “all encompassing”. Now that the colonies have broken off, France still maintains strong influence (by supporting anti-democratic governments) but has given up its cosmopolitan world view and has turned ‘nationalist’-exclusive’.

    You see one needs to explain the fact that these people were very westernized, sometimes they were not even Muslims or religious, but have turned to this brand of fundamentalist Islam for a reason.
    it’s not a reason Europe and the US seem to be willing to go into, but they (we) should.

    Don’t even get me started on the hypocrisy of this whole “they are targeting us because of our principles” thing. No, they are targeting the West (those few who do) because the West does not stay true to its declared principles.

    Those deaths were horrific, but why isn’t it that the deaths of people by torture in the hands of the West does not rigger the same response by the public? Why is it that the deaths of civilians by western bombings/drone attacks don’t cause the same outrage? Why is the stifling of the press in other countries justified by our “strategic interests”?

    It’s even more hypocritical when one considers that those jihadis are exactly the ones that the US and Europe have been supporting around the southern and eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East for decades.
    Most recently they did it in Libya and in Syria. Before they did it in Kosovo and Bosnia, before that they did it in Afghanistan.

    – When those jihadis were fighting Gaddafi, they were the conservative Muslims who are appalled by his extravagant style as well as genuine freedom fighters.
    – When those jihadis were fighting (still they are) Assad, they were the oppressed Sunni majority, they were the “doctors, teachers” etc who took up arms against oppression.
    – Western media would go as far as to argue that these extreme Islamists were bringing discipline and faith to the syrian opposition, that they were “honourable” as they would not pillage, like other militias, but they would treat populations in towns they occupied/”freed” fairly.
    – Even as the news were spreading of their horrific acts, they would continue to push guns and equipment, even if they knew that the “Free Syrian Army” was coordinating with the Jabhat al-Nusra at the highest level.
    …they didnt just ignore the signs and warnings, they purposefully caused them…

    You see this was the time the US wanted to disengage from Iraq, to minimize its footprint, in order to save money and avoid providing target, so they came up with the “Moderate Sunni Axis” idea…you know, the idea that Turkey, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia were the “moderate forces” who would keep order in the area.

    This was also the time of the Iranian challenge, so the US went to great lengths to support the Sunni countries, despite being some of the worst in the world…but they were allies…
    The US and Europe pushed for the this Sunni – Shia division and they empowered they local allies to take matters in their own hands. They knew very well that these religious extremist would turn on another, so why battle with them, instead of giving the a field to fight for the West’s cause, while justifying abuse against the population in the same countries.

    After more than a decade of “Crusades” in the Middle East, which gave birth to international terrorism as we know it today, after years of occupation and support for all sorts of “strongmen”, how is it that we suddenly feel surprised by the results of our actions?
    How can we be so selective about the things that bother us?

    When those European religious fundamentalists were leaving to go to Syria, Europeans did not present this as support for terrorism against another country.

    There is a lot of self criticism the West needs to do before it embarks on another “Crusade” justifying its own acts which breed this kind of counter-behavior.

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