Mi Note Phones


As expected, the Pro has a Snapdragon 810 — not available until March.

So many electrons have been murdered all over the place writing about Xiaomi’s introduction. Cut to the chase and just go to the official English Mi Forum for the plain info.

Both phones are “too good” to be sold only in China. If Xiaomi doesn’t break into the U.S. by teaming these up with T-Mobile, it will probably be the biggest wasted opportunity in tech history. They both just cry out for American availability at T-Mobile. (The question for T-Mobile is whether they’re compatible with that company’s WiFi Calling feature. John Legere said all phones sold by T-Mobile will offer that.)

GizmoChina has a slideshow of various hands-on images.

Unless something pops on Weibo, this post will be my entire coverage of the Xiaomi introduction.

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2 responses to “Mi Note Phones

  1. very disappointed with such pricing!
    Since 2010, all the xiaomi flagships had a price of 1999 yuan
    and what is it? 530 dollars? Seriously?

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