Thunderbirds Are Go: The Tracy Brothers

From left to right: Scott, Virgil, Alan, Gordon, and John.

From the fan Thunderbirds Are Go Tumblr, and also thanks to Ian Jacklin.

Yeah. This is only getting more enticing. Each brother has a style — look at how they’re posed.

Their outfits and sashes are also different. I wonder how those sashes are going to be when they move around? And I wonder about those hip holsters. I hope those aren’t weapons.

The character designers did a good job making them close enough to the original brothers to be familiar yet new enough to be their own design.

I have to confess that the Pixar animation of The Incredibles has spoiled me when it comes to character hair. I wonder if their hair will move when they’re engaged in fast action?

And what’s being done? Is this character animation or motion capture? I think the motion capture used in New Captain Scarlet was the wrong approach but I understand why they did it. With the Thunderbirds Are Go characters being more cartoony, I hope they let the animators loose and didn’t use MoCap.

My nagging doubt is about the interaction between CGI characters and real-world miniatures. A short trailer could either dispel those doubts or heighten them.

But so far, so good.

And now let’s compare:



The brothers are in the same positions! Well done!

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One response to “Thunderbirds Are Go: The Tracy Brothers

  1. Martin

    Re do a big hit is very complicate, and with thunderbirds more. After the stupid movie everyone is watching you. I like the brothers . But I also undestand the critics. . The important think is like you said ,the interaction with the miniatures. If they make it work .. they got me.

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