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American Wasteland

The Cruel Waste of America’s Tech Talent

This ragtag group from Carl Hayden Community High School in West Phoenix constructed the robot out of cheap plastic tubing and garbage. It smelled so bad, they called the machine Stinky. The other entrants — almost all college students — had corporate sponsors and serious budgets. This was an underwater robotics contest, but Carl Hayden didn’t even have a swimming pool. Nonetheless, Stinky came in first place.

I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.
— Thomas Jefferson

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What Having No Help Can Lead To


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Edison Carter: The First Selfie Reporter


The failure of the Max Headroom TV series to envision a much smaller camera was a big miss …


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The Measure Of Seeing

On Edgar Allan Poe

Poe’s mind was by no means commonplace. In the last year of his life he wrote a prose poem, Eureka, which would have established this fact beyond doubt—if it had not been so full of intuitive insight that neither his contemporaries nor subsequent generations, at least until the late twentieth century, could make any sense of it. Its very brilliance made it an object of ridicule, an instance of affectation and delusion, and so it is regarded to this day among readers and critics who are not at all abreast of contemporary physics. Eureka describes the origins of the universe in a single particle, from which “radiated” the atoms of which all matter is made. Minute dissimilarities of size and distribution among these atoms meant that the effects of gravity caused them to accumulate as matter, forming the physical universe.

This by itself would be a startling anticipation of modern cosmology, if Poe had not also drawn striking conclusions from it, for example that space and “duration” are one thing, that there might be stars that emit no light, that there is a repulsive force that in some degree counteracts the force of gravity, that there could be any number of universes with different laws simultaneous with ours, that our universe might collapse to its original state and another universe erupt from the particle it would have become, that our present universe may be one in a series.

All this is perfectly sound as observation, hypothesis, or speculation by the lights of science in the twenty-first century. And of course Poe had neither evidence nor authority for any of it. It was the product, he said, of a kind of aesthetic reasoning—therefore, he insisted, a poem. He was absolutely sincere about the truth of the account he had made of cosmic origins, and he was ridiculed for his sincerity. Eureka is important because it indicates the scale and the seriousness of Poe’s thinking, and its remarkable integrity. It demonstrates his use of his aesthetic sense as a particularly rigorous method of inquiry.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Eureka was written in 1848.

Niels Bohr wasn’t born until 1885.

Einstein not until 1879.

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Why The Internet Is Not TV

The highest YouTube earner of 2014 made nearly $5 million just by opening Disney toy packages

An unidentified individual or group responsible for uploading videos that simply show a woman opening Disney toys made an estimated $4.9 million last year, more than any other channel for 2014, according to OpenSlate, a video analytics platform that analyzes ad-supported content on YouTube.

Almost nothing is known about the person or people behind the channel, DC Toys Collector (DC), which exclusively features a young woman in intricately painted nails removing the toys from their packaging and then assembling them. The account did not respond to a YouTube message.

Created in 2012, DC now features more than 1,600 videos and gets 380 million views a month. Its most viewed video, with more than 172 million streams, is called “Play Doh Sparkle Princess Ariel Elsa Anna Disney Frozen MagiClip Glitter Glider Princesas Magic Clip.” It was uploaded just this July.

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Grumpy Cat Earns US$99 Million

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Nokia N1: Second Batch Sold Out



Other sites reported this yesterday. Here it is the next day and still two pieces of critical information are missing: How long they took to sell, how many units were sold.

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Yang: He Who Leads Teclast



Microsoft, with some tag-along media, have been visiting Shenzhen companies. Today was Teclast’s turn.

I thought it’d be interesting to see two photos of the person in charge of Teclast, named Yang.

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CUBE Announces Keyboard



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Teclast X10HD 3G Gets Second Review


Over at ZOL [Google Translate].

It’s a very questionable “review,” with information that shouldn’t appear in a true review — such as pimping Teclast service. But the benchmark tests otherwise seem credible.

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