The Ed Wood, Jr. Rubicon Has Been Crossed

It’s extremely rare that a YouTube recommendation is something I’d watch.

Today, a recommendation popped up that managed to grab my attention for the split-second it took to engage my curiosity.

And holy shit, that’s when I found out everything has changed.

To put this in context, you must know about Filmation‘s Star Trek: The Animated Series. This was a continuation of the original series, somewhat, using most of the original cast. It was the bone Paramount threw to us fans back in the day.

This is was done by a professional animation studio. I want those three words to sink in:




Now look at two samples:

So today, YouTube recommended something called Star Trek III: Redemption [Remastered]. The running time was over four freakin hours. And it was CGI. I clicked anyway.

I wasn’t up for four hours but I was surprised to find myself watching an entire half hour of it. And I didn’t cringe. And I wasn’t bored.

That further engaged my curiosity and made me go find his kind-of “Making of …” video.

And that’s what I’m including here. This is one guy, Brandon Bridges, kicking the ass of a




from back in the day.

Some of the starship renders in Star Trek III: Redemption [Remastered] are better than the ones in Star Trek: The Next Generation. So he also kicks the ass of a




If only Ed Wood, Jr. had lived to see this day … he would have been completely in his element and created miracles.

Everything has changed.


Brandon Bridges
(94) Star Trek: Time Warp is the name of a Trek Fan Film Trilogy
tnpir4002 YouTube videos

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