X98 3G Air Dual-Boot On Teclast English Site


I haven’t been checking the site regularly, so I don’t know when it appeared.

Previously here:

Teclast Dual-Boot X98 Air 3G At English-Language JD.com


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3 responses to “X98 3G Air Dual-Boot On Teclast English Site

  1. Does that attachable keyboard case exist?
    Or it’s for “decoration purposes” only? :P

  2. Rodoz6

    My long awaited Teclast X10HD arrived today but it does not seem to have windows available. There is no boot screen with android or windows boot choice. I set it up for English in Android but I cant find a single hint of Windows8 on this device nor any way of switching it. Has anyone had this issue ? It is loaded with ver 1.07_20150113, kernel 3.10.20, model X10HD_3g(m6k6), Android 4.4, IFWI 5.6.5 If so please let me know how you resolved it. The hold the volume up on power up boot does not fix it. Regards Rod

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