Rumor: New Samsung Tablets To Be 4:3 Screens

Upcoming tablets from Samsung might have screens with 4:3 aspect ratios

Last week, we reported about some upcoming tablets from Samsung, the SM-T35x/SM-T55x and the SM-P35x/SM-P55x. According to a new information these tablets might sport screens with 4:3 aspect ratios, similar to that of the Nexus 9 and the Apple iPad. The SM-T35x and the SM-P35x might have 8-inch screens, while the SM-T55x and the SM-P55x might be equipped with 9.7-inch screens. All these tablets will be powered by 64-bit quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 chipsets.

Low-end tablets (probably priced as mid-range!) that’ll have an AnTuTu score of about 18,000-range, but still: Samsung!

Samsung offering 4:3 would be an enormous defeat. Apple’s bet on 4:3 would have been right. And over in China, Lei Jun would dance a frikkin jig for betting on 4:3 with the Xiaomi MiPad (OK, a second jig, following the one he probably danced when the Nexus 9 was announced).

The question remains: How the hell is Samsung going to design these so Apple doesn’t squash them under a “Trade Dress” lawsuit? Given Apple didn’t crush the 4:3 iPad Mini-like Acer A1-830, are the days of that kind of lawsuit past?

And the big question: Will this move kill all Chinese iPad Mini clones? Why buy any of them from China when they can be had locally from a global brand name with world-class build quality and easier return policies?



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8 responses to “Rumor: New Samsung Tablets To Be 4:3 Screens

  1. highwind

    “Samsung” and “world-class built quality” really made my day xD

    Samsung branded Snapdragon 410 with 1280×800 in a plastic casing will probably have a price tag of ~200USD… for the same money you already get a Intel ZF37xx / MTK8752 with 2048*1536 in an aluminium casing from Teclast/Cube/Onda/Chuwi

    • Trust me on this, even in China the Samsung brand is seen as better than the domestic brands. You can mock, but even the Chinese buy Samsung over the “cottage” tablet makers.

  2. John

    I know I’m in the minority in this but I prefer the 16:10 display ratio of Android tablets. The ebooks I read, most of them progamming and math pdfs, fit perfectly on a 16:10 screen.

  3. Robert Jasiek

    Great! (Android) or Hallelujah! (Windows)

  4. But they have to solve the reflection problem. My cell phone has no glare. But my tablet is a pain in the arse to read.

    • Isn’t that a matter of the type of screen lamination used?

      • Robert Jasiek

        Reflection depends on several factors: display technology, display illumination, protection layers on light elements, air gap, type of glass, treatment of glass surfaces, protection layers on both sides of the glass, kinds / directions / intensities of external lights, position of the user’s eyes, finger prints, colours / shades of displayed contents, etc.

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