DuOS: Both Windows And Android

DuOS: Onda V975W tablet run Windows 8.1 and Android 4.4

Android being pulled over Windows, to switch OS:


No restart needed!

Yes, it’s emulation. It’s DuOS from American Megatrends, the source of Teclast’s dual-boot scheme.


I don’t know how long this has been available, but I finally watched a YouTube video from a few days ago demonstrating it:

For those of you who bought a Windows-only version of an Onda or Teclast tablet, this might be a good enough solution to get dual-boot. In some ways, it’s superior, since both OSes are running at the same time and can share a Clipboard.

There are a bunch of YouTube videos from American Megatrends that are tutorials for DuOS.

Apparently, DuOS has been in beta for some time. As usual, Steve “Chippy” Paine was on top of this back at CeBIT 2014:

As we’ve already seen, it looks to run fine on an Atom CPU with far less than 4GBs of RAM. The Onda V975w in the video has just 2GBs of RAM with an Intel z3735D at 1.8 GHz.

Here’s a comparison demonstration between DuOS and another emulator called Andy:


Dual-OS Update: Intel, Nokia, American Megatrends and Why Google Might Not be Needed
AMI DuOS. A closer look at a new DIY Dual-OS solution


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6 responses to “DuOS: Both Windows And Android

  1. highwind

    No matter how offen you keep saying otherwise: virtualization is not dual boot and never will be… It is a completely different concept.

  2. Agung n

    Amiduos might be the best virtualize Android system in windows and it’s just cost usd10.
    I’ve been using it for several months in surface pro 1 and around 1 months in reflect x98. However, I’ve encountered several problem like freezing if my surface goes sleeping.

    There is another one which is also good, WINDROYE. This one is free and has newer version than Amiduos but still having problem in gaming. I preferred this one over Bluestack.

  3. Mario

    Thank you for these tipps. I installed bluestacks a while ago, but don’t know similiar tools. I’m looking forward to install it on my ATOM-Tablet.

    • Mario

      Amiduos needs Open GL 3.0, so it doesn’t work on my Acer W510 with the Intel Atom Z2760. It only comes with Open GL 2.0 :(

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