Onda V116w: Dual-Boot, 11.6-Inch Screen



A subsequent Weibo provides a bit more details:

1, support 3G speed Internet access, and support for 3G talk;
2, support for Bluetooth 4.0;
3, perfect dual system;
4 , the main office of 11.6 inches super clear IPS giant screen;
5, time to market by the end of January (expected within the next week);
6, equipped with the latest Intel processors for 3736F, clocked at up to 2.16GHz;
7, ultra-portable body, O-BOX sound chamber

Notice they don’t mention screen resolution. It’s probably nothing more than 1920 x 1080 1200.

The price is incredible. 1299 yuan (~US$209 at post time) for the 32GB model is the price of the 16GB Xiaomi MiPad!

At that size, why didn’t they do Core-M? Affordability? It’s a strange tablet. Will other companies produce similar ones?


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7 responses to “Onda V116w: Dual-Boot, 11.6-Inch Screen

  1. John

    My guess is 1366×768. I hope I’m wrong.

  2. avich

    [vendor link redacted]

    they say:
    Resolution: 1920*1200 Pixels
    Visible Angle: 178°
    Multi-Touch Yes, 10 points touch
    OTG: Yes
    Play Store: Yes, built in
    although dimensions they give look suspiciously small – the diagonal can’t be 10.7″

  3. Iclsafe

    Hi Mike, or anyone, do you know where could I buy it?. I’m searching on aliexpress but nothing found. I’m thinking about buy a Teclast X98 3G Dual boot but 32GB capacity seems too low. Thanks

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