Onda: Beta Dual OS ROM, V116w Announced

Onda published a bunch of Weibos touting their Android/Windows 8.1 scheme. I’m not including those. They’re just promo.

Weibo for firmware update for V919 Air 3G and V820w tablets:


Onda seems to have screwed up the Baidu links for the V919 Air 3G. Both links — 03 and 07 — are identical and go here.

For the V820w, one link goes to Baidu for 03.

The final link goes to an unlocked forum post at the Onda BBS where firmware for the V891w is also mentioned [Google Translate]. There’s no mention of the V919 Air 3G 03 version firmware listed in the Weibo! A later Weibo reiterating the firmware leaves out the V919 Air 3G 03 version — so perhaps it was a typo to begin with?

A peek of the process, taken from the forum post:


And the full specs of the V116w tablet are given in a series of Weibos. I’ll post just the graphics past the first one.











It’ll probably go on sale next week since Onda didn’t provide any buying links.

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