Windows 10 On Onda V975w


Onda V975W tablet Windows 10 update / Pictures, Video, Guide

Just installed Windows 10 Preview (Build 9926) on Onda V975W.
Super sweet update. Especially tablet UI with new window manager, notifications bar, apps and desktop.

See the video after the break.

It looks good. And seeing Cortana work is a trip!

The question becomes: Will Chuwi, Five, Livefan, Onda, Ramos, Teclast, Vido, etc, offer it as a free upgrade to tablets already bought? Or will they expect people to purchase all new tablets with Windows 10?



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2 responses to “Windows 10 On Onda V975w

  1. gorka

    W10 rocks! Time to upgrade all win 8.1 chinese tablets …or wait

  2. definitio

    I think you may be reading too much about the Android tablets. The Good thing about Windows tablets is OS up-dates/grades are NOT dependent on the manufacturer.

    Microsoft will offer free upgrade to Win10 for all of us with Win8.1 devices.

    The already released drivers for 8.1 have been tested to work with Win10, so no need to turn to the chinese manufacturers.

    Leaving behind all the “ROM updates” bullsh*t talk is the next best thing that happened to me as far as tablets are concerned.

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