Dual-OS CUBE i6 Air 3G, CUBE At War Against Teclast

Two things:

1) This is the first time I’ve heard of a dual-OS i6 Air 3G from CUBE
2) I have no idea how Teclast provoked CUBE and Onda; nothing is on Weibo

First Weibo:







Second Weibo:


And there’s a QQ video that I ripped and posted to YouTube:

It’s clear they’re using the same Insyde system than Onda is. Going from Android to Windows is a shorter wait than the opposite.

I don’t know how this differs from the i6 tablet. They look the same! Is it lighter? Thinner? They provided no links to their site or to any sales site.

CUBE customers praise the build quality. If this had 64GBs of internal storage, it’d be tempting. But with Windows 10 coming up — and Android 5.0 in the wings — is it wise to buy something with Android 4.4 and Windows 8.1?

CUBE is not shy when it comes to going on the attack.

Same-day update: The i6 Air 3G is listed on CUBE’s site. But there are no published dimensions to compare it to the i6.

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4 responses to “Dual-OS CUBE i6 Air 3G, CUBE At War Against Teclast

  1. If the dual os i6 doesn’t get 2.16 Ghz it will be at a big disadvantage.

    • Sasa73

      Actally that’s advantage. 3736 have higer (2.16 GHz) turbo clock speed which if it’s use long time lead to overheating, so it’s necessary turn off turbo clock speed and use base clock speed of just 1.33 GHz. On the another hand 3735 have moderate (1.83 GHz) turbo speed so it’s possible to use turbo clock speed long time without overheating. All other is same.

      On CUBE’s site is listed that i6 Air 3G have 32 GB.

  2. giouncino

    cube i6 “standard” as a not so long battery life, I suppose this will be the same for the i6 air 3G, if it is confirmed is not a real interesting news from my beloved cube…

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