Who Gets Desktop Windows 10?

The word straight from Microsoft:

It will be interesting to see if China tablet makers will push out Windows 10 for free or expect people to buy all new tablets to get it.

And what about those with dual-OS Android/Windows 8.1 tablets? How’s that going to work? Should people wait for dual-OS with Android 5.0/Windows 10?

Same-day update: In Comments, Vladimir Burnin pointed to this other tweet:

Previously here:

Windows 10 On Onda V975w
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11 responses to “Who Gets Desktop Windows 10?

  1. What about 7 inch windows tablets like HP Stream 7?

  2. Rob Keay

    From my understanding, the Windows 10 update is pushed out by Microsoft and not the tablet/pc manufactures so updating will be just like on a pc. No idea how or if it will affect the dual OS tablets though.

  3. highwind

    Where is the problem to install Windows 10 on your Dual-Boot or Windows 8.1 Tablet?
    It works the same way as on every other PC, Notebook, whatever…

    • Does the ROM have enough space for it and Android 4.4? And what happens when Android 5.0 is available? I’ve seen other tablets with ROM that has been too small to permit OS upgrades.

    • Is there enough space in ROM for it? There have been other tablets that couldn’t get upgrades due to insufficient ROM space. And what about Android 5.0 too? Both 10 and 5.0 must each require more space.

      • Microsoft has been trying to slim down Windows for 16 gb tablets I doubt they would throw away their efforts I installed windows 10 on two devices it takes up the same amount of storage that windows 8 did. As for Android it has been growing and 64 bit will probably make it even bigger but I doubt that it will take up more than a additional GB for a total of 4GB.

  4. Existing 7-inch tablets will get a desktop

    Still wondering if new 7-inch cherry trail tablets will get to keep the desktop.

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