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Aigo X86: iambillbil Evaluation Concludes


This tablet is unusual. In spite of using an Intel Z3537F, it uses Xiaomi’s MIUI. I didn’t know MIUI had been adapted for Intel CPUs.

Previously here:

Aigo X86: iambillbil Appearance Evaluation
Rumored Intel Inside MiPad 2 Is By Aigo, Not Xiaomi
Aigo iPad Mini Clone Looks More Like Sony Than Apple


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Steve Sinofsky’s Buying Advice



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Bad Assumptions

it’s not that people are irrational, it’s that human rationality is about more than what can be reduced to a number. Delight is a real thing, as is annoyance; not feeling stupid is worth so much more than theoretical capability. Knowing there is someone you can ask for help is just as important as never needing help in the first place.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

This reminded me of a guy who became dissatisfied with his Pocket PC in the course of just one evening: E Is Also For Envy.

Surrounded by everyone else with color screens, his monochrome Compaq Aero made him feel stupid for having bought it. At the beginning of the evening, he was in love with it when we talked about it. By the end of the night, he wished he’d spent more for color!

How do you put something like that in a spreadsheet?

Additional, at a past blog:

A Gadget Too Far
(The Comments that miss the point entirely are also worth a read)

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That Meizu + Nokia Rumor Has Morphed



Today’s January 28. Meizu unveiled its “Blue Charm” line of phones. No evidence of Nokia.

Now the rumor is as the above, with a Mobile World Congress timeframe.

How long can this tease be sustained? If I was a prospective Meizu customer, I’d hold off buying anything to get whatever it is Nokia will allegedly contribute. So this rumor in some way is Osborning Meizu.

Previously here:

WTF Rumor: Meizu + Nokia Phone

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Math Math Baby

The Pursuit of Beauty: Yitang Zhang solves a pure-math mystery.

Once Zhang heard from Annals, he called his wife in San Jose. “I say, ‘Pay attention to the media and newspapers,’ ” he said. “ ‘You may see my name,’ and she said, ‘Are you drunk?’ ”

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Shredding The Suits

Do you know who these people are?


Dig it. They’re eating in a restaurant.

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New Mi Note Killed With Fire


What a goddammed waste of money. And given its limited availability, imagine being one of the people who couldn’t get it watching this being done!

Surprisingly, the lithium battery never exploded.

The Toudou video.

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Xiaomi Red Rice Elder Phone



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Apple’s Tim Cook Versus Xiaomi’s Lei Jun, Follower Counts

Tim Cook, Twitter:


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Dual-OS CUBE i6 Air 3G Now Available, CUBE Still At War Against Teclast



The Tmall page.

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