Shredding The Suits

Do you know who these people are?


Dig it. They’re eating in a restaurant.

None of them are wearing suits or ties or anything that could be considered “appropriate American business attire.”

Yet their company went from zero to a valuation of over forty billion dollars in just four years.

Did your company do that? With all of its mandatory suit costumes?


Those are product manager teams at Xiaomi.

And, without suits, they’re kicking the shit out of companies where suit attire is considered important and somehow a measure of one’s ability.

Here’s a clue for you, Mr. Suit, from a close-up of the second photo (go look at it again!):


If you can’t read that, here’s the A/V version, with suits (making it easier for you to relate):

And since the Borg-like Suit Hive Mind always demands proof, the Weibo source:


And oh, Mr. Suit, if you try to dismiss that with, “Well, they’re Chinese, who cares?” how is your Suit Collective doing compared to Apple? You know, that company that just had a history-making quarter?


Another clue for you, Suited One:



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2 responses to “Shredding The Suits

  1. Ian

    It’s a necktie thing: they were designed to cut off just enough blood flow to the brain to keep them from thinking how really awfull their job is at HP, IBM, AT&T etc.

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