Jolla Tablet: Now A 64GB Version

The tweet makes it sound like they’re back for another dip at the crowdfunding well.

It’s bad wording!

They’re offering original backers a 64GB internal storage upgrade for just US$25 more. That’s a steal, given what other tablets charge for doubling internal storage (especially if you’re A-p-p-l-e).

Newcomers can order this:


I don’t want to be mean, but I have to ask: Is anyone in danger of filling even 32GBs of internal storage with available Sailfish OS apps?

Anyway, for those who still wanted in on the Jolla Tablet, there’s a new chance.

Here’s a comparison chart:


That seems like a ridiculously-small battery for a tablet!

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One response to “Jolla Tablet: Now A 64GB Version

  1. smithmal

    It’s my understanding that Sailfish OS is very compatible with Android apps. You may not have Google Play on it, but can import apps to it using the Amazon App Store. For this reason, 32GB is fine (plus it has a SD card reader).

    In terms of battery size, it depends on how much resources the Sailfish OS uses. IMHO 4.5Ah battery is fine for a 8″ tablet. That being said, this is a “retina” quality tablet (2048 x 1536) which will cut down on battery life. I would rather it have a nice quality lower rez screen as there’s no reason to have this kind of resolution on a 8″ tablet. That being said, I understand why Jolla did this as consumers/reviewers are rez hogs and will immediately point out that tablet x or apple product y is better b/c of the rez specs…

    For the price, this is a pretty nice piece of hardware. It remains to be seen how well the sailfish OS is imbraced by users though. Even if Sailfish fails, there will be no doubt boot loaders added to this so that AOSP/CM can be run on it.

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