Nokia N1 In Owner Hands

No exclusive numbering on back …


… this is a for-sale unit. The pattern on back is ceiling tile reflection from protective plastic still on.


User report from the ZOL Nokia N1 forum [Google Translate]:

On the 29th delivery, today N1 on hand, and said a few bars

1, the work is really good, feel good, one hand up the pressure, personal feeling really nice ash color

2, sending it sets too heavy, feeling almost N1 so heavy, really heavy sets together

3, N1 should not support turning bright screen sets, the sets do not support the official delivery, it is estimated that the game is up

4, life is very strong, 12:00 80 percent have electricity, and keep tossing until 19:00, and 30% of electricity, yet encountered a problem with the charger

5, compatibility is poor, a lot of software does not take a lot of open did not respond or open after some garbled

6, game-like performance in general, immediately after receipt of the goods the next play NBA 2K15, the result card, Asphalt Fortunately, I feel very disappointed

7, video support is not good, download video and Taijie magic video, which a lot of resources to play has a problem, my family’s mango Hey H7 much stronger than it is, three years ago to buy the Asus TF101 can play (do not know the system problem or a hardware problem)

8, the official interface feels like a general, no features, not brilliant, playability is not high, it is estimated much later firmware update

9, if the screen brightness automatically adjust the brightness is high, loud sound quite clear, the sound is large enough, the general definition camera

Summary, 1600 yuan to buy is feeling, if not interested in the Nokia brand, then it is recommended to buy the IPAD

Not a sterling recommendation!

From another ZOL forum post [Google Translate]:


He seems to have some problem invoking Z Launcher.

There are at least two reports of the Nokia N1 not charging [Google Translate]. That’s just not good, coming from a Tier-1 manufacturing like Foxconn.

A thread is polling the desire of people for root [Google Translate].

And more photos from another owner [Google Translate]:


She also got a screen protector and case:


She’s apparently happy with it but gives no detailed report.

A satisfied owner whose photos are mostly as crappy as the ones I take [Google Translate]:



And there’s a caution about an update notification:

This is connected to the recent news, you must pay attention! [Zhongguancun Online] Notice: The domestic Android application download market “wrong” to remind Z Launcher new upgraded version, after detecting We reiterate that version only applies to mobile phones, but will still continue to “abnormal” remind upgrades, All Nokia N1 tablet Do not apply the upgrade, the upgrade will result in Z Launcher after the crash. We are currently in urgent communication and software download software hopes to fix them reminders errors. Thanks again for the support of the product powder promise.

That might account for the other person having a problem invoking Z Launcher. People replied to restore factory settings.

A look at the protective case from another owner [Google Translate]:




Some early N1 units have an identity crisis [Google Translate]:


It reports itself as a “Foxconn N1” when using some software! Imagine being a happy buyer and your friends seeing that! “I thought you bought a Nokia N1?” Foxconn says it was caught early but some units still escaped the fix.

Those who want to keep up on the latest, visit the ZOL Nokia N1 forum [Google Translate]. I don’t intend to check it regularly.

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