Teclast Attacks Onda Again



Oh, the mud is being flung for real now!

The link goes to Teclast’s forum (use Chrome for translation).

Talk about innuendo:

BIOS comparison:
Let’s take a look at BIOS, Taipower X98 Air 3G’s BIOS is AMI by Intel and the United States joined forces developed debugging. And provide exclusive support to Taipower, can be said for the dual system was born, has officially certified identity. Speaking of the United States AMI, it is the world’s largest supplier of BIOS.

Look up a V919 3G Air’s BIOS, he was unable to get Intel’s BIOS, so only a small company with the use of other third party privately developed BIOS, so stability is not only in the use of worrying, the user if there is a fundamental problem will get see any technical support.

Teclast makes it sound like Onda couldn’t get the AMI dual-OS process and had to settle for second-best! And they sow doubt about support.

And back to the interior design:

Overall layout:
After the surprising results disassemble, some up to V919 3G Air layout is very confusing, even across the battery cable, but also floating fly line. You know, cable across the battery is very bad, in the course of the plate heat can cause the battery cable problem.

Look at Taipower X98 Air 3G layout is entirely reasonable and clean ,, manufacturers design, no cables exposed, the overall feeling is very big on giving.

Teclast still has a point about cables running over batteries that generate heat.

As for that mess of tape Onda revealed:

Taipower X98 Air 3G all cables have dedicated a second layer of conductive tape shield, which could completely eliminate on 3G, GPS, and other parts of the electromagnetic interference. Let us look at the cable is black, it is because the use of FPC are magnetically shielded cable, so that the signal is more stable at the same time, better anti-jamming capability.

Some up to V919 3G Air are ordinary cable, no shielding effect. Look across the battery cable, cable is too long, and no shield, it is likely to cause electrostatic breakdown. This problem is not a reach to think or engineer Fudge consumers?

Some up to V919 3G Air in connection dislocation, and then paste the inferior yellow tape, so no shields, or just that sentence, no shielding, electromagnetic interference can be severe. Would like to ask a reach of engineers, in the end there is not considered to electromagnetic interference?

Taipower X98 Air 3G done a good job in this regard, there is no exposed cables, properly protected. But also magnetically shielded to prevent interference with other modules of the model. Do better in this regard than some up too much!

Suddenly Teclast doesn’t care about looks, as in the previous example, only results. Their cables might look ugly, but they’re properly shielded, they claim.

Teclast actually throws dirt on the use of a connector for the battery:

Power cord:
Even the power lines, we can see a big difference. Taipower X98 Air 3G power lines selected larger diameter copper wire, just like current and voltage will be stable when working in high load. Power wires soldered to the PCB, doing more solid and reliable.

V919 3G Air reached a power line small, high load large current through severe fever, and even burned. The connection is also inexpensive snap connection, we all know that this snap-fit ​​connection is easily detached from the PCB.

Teclast says Onda’s battery claim is nonsense:

Taipower X98 Air 3G due to rational layout, so make a lot of room to deploy large-capacity battery, the battery capacity of 8500mAh, up to 8 hours of battery life.

Some up to V919 3G Air publicity nominal 7000mAh, actually only 6000mAh, seriously diminished. And in actual use, the power down very quickly, did not comply with 6000mAh of use.

And Teclast gets out a major insult …

Insulating tape:
Taipower X98 Air 3G internal insulation used in all black tape, the sticky black tape insulation strength, high temperature, protect a solid connection between the various components.

We see a reach V919 3G Air uses yellow tape, cottage atmosphere is very heavy, viscous poor, just like ordinary clear plastic like. Various colors of tape everywhere, inside various traces clearly see the fly line.

… calling Onda “cottage.” See, this is where Teclast loses. Why bother attacking a “cottage” company? Why should they be concerned with a small company?

Teclast claims Onda’s claim about screen screws is a lie:

PCB board at the time, I found a very serious problem, we take a look at the following:

Taipower X98 Air 3G has four corners of the screen and the PCB locking screw, which could consolidate the internal structure of safety. Think about your home computer chassis motherboard has no screws?

Look up a V919 3G Air screen and PCB board, not even the screws are not fixed, this once again test the user’s IQ. Do not say I fake the screws removed, you can take a closer look, a bit even screw up the screw holes are not open!

Teclast is correct about how dual speaker grilles with only a single speaker underneath is deceptive:

Sound chamber speaker:
Taipower X98 Air 3G is a two-speaker sound chamber. Two-tone horn sound sound chamber in similar products is exceptional level. We are here to talk about a particular focus on the speaker up!

Some up to V919 3G Air is not the same. After disassemble I found that it took only one speaker, is a single-speaker design. Loud mouth but only on the side of a small crack, small voice breaking sound serious, but in the shell hole opened dual speakers, this is misleading to consumers, allowing users to think dual speakers.

Teclast claims better touch panel fit and overall case manufacturing:

Process comparison:
Taipower X98 Air 3G high standard process, the TP has done a good fit without a gap.

A look up V919 3G Air is in the process of maturation is not eager market. TP does not fit this deadly problem can occur unexpectedly, as shown, can be inserted without tools nails big gaps appear, which no business ethics at all.

After measurement, Taipower X98 Air 3G metal body only 7.4mm, fully meet the standards of international companies, the perception of texture are to achieve the ultimate feel.

V919 3G Air looks up a high imitation Taipower even, at least a third of the premise of the battery capacity, the body also X98Air 3G thicker than the old mold technology significantly behind the Taipower.

Teclast has HDMI-out, Onda doesn’t:

Over how to find a HDMI interface can not be found. Go look up the parameters of V919 3G Air look, only to find no HDMI. You know there is no HDMI port, it said it could not link with the large screen display, you can not build a large screen 1080P HD cinema. Taipower X98 Air 3G not only with WiDi, even with the HDMI interface, a variety of options to the user experience.

There are GPS function, Taipower X98 Air 3G has built-in GPS module. Look at some up, officials have no answer to this feature.

I’m not sure what the point is about GPS. This could be a Google Translate failure.

Teclast says people shouldn’t choose based on price …

To sum up:
After reading disassemble contrast, I do not know what do you think? Many people think, Onda cheaper than Taipower, but I do not think the price will be able to showdown, craft, PCB, components have a lot of stress. You think, Onda V919 3G Air produced in small workshops such as flat, even cheaper, life is not the president, looking to increase their sale will only waste their time of trouble. Taipower X98 Air 3G and no change in the quality of low-cost, always adhere to international standards of manufacturers. This is not a lie, disassemble the above comparison has been well documented it all. I think we also have an answer in mind!

… and that Teclast adheres to “international standards of manufacturers.” Um.

At the bottom of the post, there’s supposed to be more but it’s behind a lock for registered users.

I think Teclast is beginning to reveal their insecurities. Vido, CUBE, and Onda have chosen to use the Insyde dual-OS process. Is Teclast feeling outnumbered or thinking they have to defend the AMI method they chose?

As far as I’m concerned, both the AMI and Insyde methods suck, requiring far too much time to switch to be called anything other than friction. People don’t want to have to wait to switch.

Imagine if your toilet had two modes: Pissing and Shitting, and you had to wait to switch between the two! You’d approach the toilet with nothing except apprehension: Do I have to wait before I can do what I desperately need to do?

Tablets aren’t meant to mimic notebooks with their boot-up times. The current dual-OS approach is really a marketing gimmick to me. Sure, they can still be useful — but that switching interval is nothing but an irritation.

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10 responses to “Teclast Attacks Onda Again

  1. Sasa73


    So if I understand with Onda and Teclast is impossible to piss and shit at the same time, only diference is that with Onda you don’t need to stand up from toilet betwen piss and shit and with Teclast you must stand up from toilet betwen piss and shit which reduce life of toilet. :)

  2. E.T.

    Each company kindly highlights the major flaws in the other company’s tablets. The natural conclusion is to avoid both.

  3. highwind

    Imagine your toilet had only one mode: shitting, and you just had to piss in your trousers because your toilet just cannot handle it… not in 30seconds, not in 60seconds, never – welcome to the limited and outdated world of single OS tablets!

    But on a more serious approach:
    People who dont understand the power and usefullness of having x86 and ARM based operating systems on the same machine and rather rant about completely trivial stuff like some 40 seconds boot time (because all you do is changing OS all day, isnt it?…) just go and pay 500+ bucks on an idiot-safe iPad.

  4. Well the other approach is having a toilet were you don’t have to wait to switch to piss or shit but you have to spend twice as long pissing and shitting. When will somebody invent a toilet were you don’t have to wait for it to switch from piss to shit and don’t have to spend twice as long pissing or shitting?

  5. tim

    Having zero experience with tablets imported with china what one should I buy I want 64gb at the minimum, and dual os. teclast x98 x10hd and Ramos i9s pro seem like the favorites (I think) but living in the USA the play store is important to me… Do all these tables have a working USA play store without having to root or side load? And stability is important, I really don’t want a machine that constantly freezes or does weird things. Any help would be appreciated, thanks, tim

  6. tim

    I read your blog post and I can respect that, so how about a simple factual question… Do you by chance know if the teclast x98 play store works in the USA to download USA region apps? Or is there a URL with this type of information? I’m just worried that its not like the old DVD’s that are region locked.

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