Dual-OS Onda V919 3G Air Gets A Review

Next-day update/correction after the break.


Over at IMP3Net [Google Translate].

The only surprise is this:


While the single-OS Android version scored this:


But the top one was version 5.6, while the bottom was 5.3, so there’s wiggle room.

Next-day update: Even though Onda — and others — keep using the same names for different tablets, I shouldn’t have made such a sloppy mistake. There were two mistakes. First, that second AnTuTu score is for the MediaTek version of the tablet (thanks to Lane in Comments for catching it). Second, I never linked to that post itself! — Onda V919 3G Air Gets A Review — so that more readers could catch the error.

Previously here:

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8 responses to “Dual-OS Onda V919 3G Air Gets A Review

  1. Sasa73

    9.7″ Battle: Onda V919 Air 3G Vs Teclast X98 Air 3G Which is better?

    • Yes, that’s Hendrickson’s video, which I saw yesterday. I didn’t post it because I figure by now everyone is subscribing to his YouTube to keep up to date without needing this blog as any help.

  2. Lane

    Heh, you fell into the same pitfall you prophetically warned about originally regarding the Onda v919 3G air.

    The “android” only version at the bottom is the octa-core MediaTek version, essentially the two tablets share NOTHING in come in terms of SoC or ram. It’s really a whole different tablet that just shared the same shell, screen (and think battery).

    So of course the scores are way off. I’m surprised the MediaTek performed so well, but its probably a fake score. At least Intel doesn’t cheat on antutu to my knowledge.

    Thanks again for the coverage though. I have a 64gb Onda v919 3G air dual boot on order, I’ll make some videos and reviews once it comes in. Hendrickson already has a 32gb dual boot v919 in his possession and made some videos and a review. Check techtablets.com

  3. Andy


    Keep in mind, that you can’t compare different Antutu Versions.


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