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The Suit Bowl

The Super Bowl

… what we had was endless car commercials, when the truth is the younger demo doesn’t care about cars.

And a Coke ad when the truth is the younger generation has abandoned soda pop.

And a McDonald’s ad wrapping its arms around an America that’s rejected it.

Watching the Super Bowl is like viewing a documentary on how it used to be.

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Shredding The Suits


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The China Price Ceiling

The one barrier China’s smartphone companies can’t seem to break

I asked a few Chinese friends why they thought domestic phones don’t tend to sell well past RMB 3,000, and got several variations of the same basic answer: once you’re spending that much anyway, why not just spend a little more to get an iPhone? A China Business News article on the phenomenon makes the same basic point.

Price is the main factor that killed Tomato: Tablet Maker Tomato Out Of Business.

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App Store Rating Fraud Factory



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Xiaomi Buys Rigo Design Studio


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CPU Maker ACTIONS Posts Loss



This is no surprise. ACTIONS was the first CPU in the first wave of iPad Mini clones. It was third in performance, behind Rockchip and Allwinner. They also cheated at AnTuTu.

It all caught up with them. Not one China tablet I know of has an ACTIONS CPU in it.


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China’s Record-Setting Internet Population



The link reiterates what’s in the Weibo [Google Translate].

I see many Chinese tourists in NYC. It’s been too cold for me to want to approach any of them. One of these very warmer days I intend to ask them how many have Xiaomi phones. They tend to carry iPads and iPhones and take pictures with them.

Same-day update after the break.

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The Teclast-Onda Weibo War Continues



And that goes to the Onda BBS [Google Translate].

Teclast is accused of making fraudulent claims for its battery capacity, tablet thickness, non-AAC speakers, and some other things that are in Chinese embedded in photos that can’t be translated.

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