The Teclast-Onda Weibo War Continues



And that goes to the Onda BBS [Google Translate].

Teclast is accused of making fraudulent claims for its battery capacity, tablet thickness, non-AAC speakers, and some other things that are in Chinese embedded in photos that can’t be translated.

Things seem to get heated with Teclast’s reply.







In their next Weibo, Onda seems to have a sense of humor about the entire thing.



It’s animated GIF showing a dog touching a cat …


… and getting its face pawed back:




That goes to the Onda BBS again, but to a different post [Google Translate].

Onda reiterates Teclast’s alleged fraudulent claims and adds more. Onda also admits that while running cables over batteries looks bad, there’s no functional detriment to doing so — and that the cables and connectors in question are sourced from Taiwan and Panasonic and are quality components.

Before people believe either one of these companies, I have to call out Onda on two things.

This bit:


They claim the screen of the Onda V919 3G Air is brighter than the Teclast X98 Air 3G.

And Onda’s claim that WiFi on the Teclast X98 Air 3G is bad.

Both are contrary to the evidence presented by Hendrickson in his video, which claims the Onda has bad WiFi and the screen is less bright:

According to Hendrickson, Onda wins with a better Android UI (Onda ROM 2.0) and superior Hynix internal storage speed. Detriments are lack of HDMI-out and antennas being attached to removable plastic at rear top where the SIM and microSD card slots are hidden.

This Weibo war is stupid.

Neither tablet is iPad-class or of the type of quality we’d expect from a global brand name. I don’t know what Teclast expected to gain by starting it, but it seems to me they’ve been counterattacked in ways that make them look bad. And I don’t think they ever expected that.

Meanwhile, CUBE has stayed out of it and Teclast hasn’t mentioned them again. I suspect the woman who runs CUBE gave Teclast a call and scared the shit out of them. A woman who got to her position in China has to be made of steel.

And, you know, both of these tablets are using Intel CPUs. Maybe Intel should have a word with their partner, Teclast, and tell them to knock it off. This can’t be good for Intel, either.

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