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Stand By For Action Documentary On DVD-R


And the website: Stand By For Action – Gerry Anderson Documentary – £12.80

To see what greatness you’ll get, see my past coverage of it: Joost: Stand By For Action!

A must for all Anderson fans.


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Dual-OS Ployer MOMO8W Gets A Review


This is a 2/32 tablet with an Intel Z3735F and the usual 1280 x 800 eight-inch screen. The review is at IMP3Net [Google Translate].

This is priced at 549 yuan. That’s about US$88.00. Amazing.

Previously here:

Ployer Announces A Dual-Boot Tablet
Ployer MOMO8W Gets A Review
Ployer To Do Eight-Inch Windows Tablet

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Reference: Tablet As Primary Computer

iPad Air 2 Review: Why the iPad Became My Main Computer

In this instance, it’s an iPad. If anyone knows of a similar article with an Android tablet, let me know.


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Xiaomi Enter The U.S.? I Don’t Think So.

Xiaomi To Hold A Press Event In San Francisco On February 12

Company’s co-founder, Lin Bin, has shared a rather interesting image via his official Weibo (China’s social network) account recently, showing off Xiaomi’s international team and announcing news about an international expansion this month. Well, we have some great news for the U.S. consumers which are interested in Xiaomi products it seems, according to our sources at Xiaomi, the company will hold an event on February 12 in San Francisco, California. This is huge for Xiaomi as far as their international appetite goes, and I have to say I didn’t expect this to happen. I was expecting Xiaomi to focus on Brazil and India expansions, especially considering Hugo Barra recently said that it will take some time (years) for the company to reach top-tier markets like the U.S. or Europe.


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Reference: iPhone 6 Plus Vs. Mi Note Photos

Xiaomi Mi Note: Not just one of the best value phablets, one of the best phablets, period

What matters a lot to me is the quality of a phone’s camera.

And I was surprised to see the Mi Note takes a better photo than the iPhone 6 Plus.

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Nokia N1: Delivery Delays, Service Problems

Clearly Foxconn is unprepared to be a company selling directly to people.



That goes to ZOL [Google Translate]. It sounds as if Foxconn partnered with ZOL in the ordering process. The result is a total mess.

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AnandTech Reviews Nexus 9


The Google Nexus 9 Review

Unless you’re a coder who is deeply into the internals of a chip, I’d skip through the history of the Denver or you’ll find your will to live draining away.

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Long User Review Of Dual-OS CUBE i6 Air 3G


I point people to this with some hesitancy. The photos are very, very slick, leading me to think this is a CUBE shill and not an actual buyer. Still, it’s very long. At the IMP3Net forum [Google English].

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