Reference: iPhone 6 Plus Vs. Mi Note Photos

Xiaomi Mi Note: Not just one of the best value phablets, one of the best phablets, period

What matters a lot to me is the quality of a phone’s camera.

And I was surprised to see the Mi Note takes a better photo than the iPhone 6 Plus.

Click these to enlarge and examine closely.

iPhone 6 Plus:


Mi Note:


Despite that, I have yet to see a single photo from the new Mi Note that I like, including the above.

There all have a machine quality to them. The edges seem too sharp, as if they were paper cut up and pasted to create a collage. The colors seem artificial. The lighting seems all wrong.

I don’t know if that’s a default setting that can be changed or not.

What I didn’t know before now is how unimpressive a photo from the iPhone 6 Plus can be.


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3 responses to “Reference: iPhone 6 Plus Vs. Mi Note Photos

  1. Ric Day

    I asked my son about this. He has a 6+ and is an enthusiastic amateur photographer. He doesn’t own an Apple computer, or AFAIK any other Apple devices. He works on large medical networks for a major firm.

    His response was that the 6+ photo was so bad that he didn’t trust that it actually came from a 6+ (or if it did, it was rigged to look bad).

  2. Gary

    I understand how painful it must be to admit that another brand could be better than an Apple product. My little daughter wanted a 5S a few months ago and I warned her about battery life. Now she’s complaining all the time about it but don’t want to admit. She’s is like every Apple fan.! I’m a French and I have a Xiaomi mi3/64 which is amazing for the price. Apple are certainly well made products with very good R/D but are far too expensive for what they offer. Don’t forget that if Apple weren’t an American brand they would probably dissappear for a long time. Don’t worry, I don’t try to convince you.

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