Reference: Tablet As Primary Computer

iPad Air 2 Review: Why the iPad Became My Main Computer

In this instance, it’s an iPad. If anyone knows of a similar article with an Android tablet, let me know.


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5 responses to “Reference: Tablet As Primary Computer

  1. giouncino

    I think it’s ridiculous!
    A tablet can be used as “primary” only for browsing…and low workload applications…as author of the arcticle said: “‘I’m a writer and a podcaster”, but a computer can be used in ways that he can’t imagine! For his particular use can be sufficient, not for me.

  2. giouncino

    furthermore: with a cost of iPad air 2 I can buy a good chinese tablet ad a personal computer. This is the best for my use! But I’m sure that with a tablet + PC I can do a lot more (work, entertainment and so on) that with a single iPad air 2 only…

  3. definitio

    I myself have used my Teclast X98 Air 2 with Win8.1 as my primary computer just fine.

    Connecting peripherals is a breeze, you can output the display on a second screen if you wish and by using a specific type of USB OTG cable, it can charge and operate peripherals at the same time.

    Browsing the Internet with IE11 Metro app is EXTREMELY smooth; I can’t believe how well Microsoft coped with this edition of IE, it has little difference from my desktop and it can sustain HEAVY browsing.

    You want 50 tabls open? No problem, you won’t feel it neither will the device. It keeps few pages in memory and seems to put to sleep all others until requested.

    Sure you wont be encoding videos, but even for heavy internet and multimedia use, it will do fine.

  4. fm

    Microsoft recently released Office Android versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook (preview), which is what most people need on Windows. So perhaps some people will be okay with those.

  5. Pete

    Yeah.. Sorry this guy talks about twitter and email clients on the iPad and how he can do things quickly. Yeah, that’s not computer use,. That’s hipster computer use. You use a computer to generate reports, do graphing, create Mathematica simulation, design 3d cad schematics, etc. Posting twitter and writing email is also something I can do on a phone. For some guy who doesn’t do jack on a computer to argue how a tablet is a computer, he should be the last person to actually get insights from.?

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