Xiaomi Enter The U.S.? I Don’t Think So.

Xiaomi To Hold A Press Event In San Francisco On February 12

Company’s co-founder, Lin Bin, has shared a rather interesting image via his official Weibo (China’s social network) account recently, showing off Xiaomi’s international team and announcing news about an international expansion this month. Well, we have some great news for the U.S. consumers which are interested in Xiaomi products it seems, according to our sources at Xiaomi, the company will hold an event on February 12 in San Francisco, California. This is huge for Xiaomi as far as their international appetite goes, and I have to say I didn’t expect this to happen. I was expecting Xiaomi to focus on Brazil and India expansions, especially considering Hugo Barra recently said that it will take some time (years) for the company to reach top-tier markets like the U.S. or Europe.


We’ve been here before: “Xiaomi Inside”?

And here’s the damn Weibo they couldn’t be bothered to post, but I did:


If there’s any announcement coming — and I doubt it (we all got scammed about Xiaomi being at CES) — it won’t be by Xiaomi, but Midea.

Additionally, Xiaomi has its hands full with Ericsson suing them in India. There is no way in hell Ericsson will let Xiaomi into the U.S. with an outstanding patent suit. They’d get an injunction issued so fast it’d set a speed record.

As for pictures of Xiaomi’s international teams, here’s a new Weibo:


February 12 will happen as usual, with nothing from Xiaomi in the U.S..

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